Life Cover at DAB Broking Services

Why do I need Life Cover?

To be paid out on your death to ensure your debts are settled and your family is taken care of.

Disability Cover

Should you become disabled, a lump-sum amount is paid out to you, whether it is to supplement your income or to make changes to your home to accommodate this lifestyle change.

Funeral Policy

Funerals are expensive these days and your life cover and estate takes time to be wound up. A funeral policy is an affordable option that pays out within 48 hours to cover that cost. There are additional useful benefits that can be added for a minimal additional cost.

Severe Illness Disease Cover

This is a lump-sum amount that will be paid to you should you be diagnosed with a specific illness or suffer from a specific condition.

Income Protection Cover

Whether you are temporarily or permanently disabled, this benefit will pay your monthly income. We also offer an affordable package for employees which incorporates a bit of each component.

Companies We Deal With for Life Cover

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